Wanchain Announcement

Thank you for your participation!
Please note, these ERC20 tokens should be kept in the whitelisted addresses. If you need to transfer them to another wallet please contact us first.
These ERC20 tokens will be swapped for the native coin: Wancoin when the mainnet is released (Q4 2017).
There should be no trading of these tokens on the secondary markets prior to. (This includes buyers and sellers).

In summary:

-Transferring to another wallet you control is okay (but don't move them unless you need to for security purposes).
-Transferring/selling to someone else is not okay.
-We can only guarantee the exchange of ERC20 tokens for Wancoins that come from the same purchasing address (including the exact amount received during the crowdsale).
-Even if you are whitelisted we cannot guarantee the extra tokens you accumulate (after the Token sale) will be swapped for the native coin.
-Edge cases may pop up and we will review on a case by case basis
We will do what is fair, equitable, and legal for all parties.
Purchasing or selling these tokens prior to the mainnet launch in November is a violation of the tokensale terms and could result in losing the ability to exchange your remaining tokens when the network goes live.
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